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Bale Push & Shine

When Chrissie Jackson was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic cancer she was naturally devastated but was determined to turn the negative into a positive. Chrissie set about raising funds for 9 charities, all of which are close to her heart for differing reasons.

The Sunrise Appeal was chosen because of the fantastic support she has had from the centre and for the great support the Sunrise App gave her late one evening when she was feeling poorly during her chemo treatment.

Why not have a look at Chrissie’s website to see what she has been up to and who’s she is supporting?

We are privileged to have just received a cheque for £2000 which was raised at The Bale Push which took place in Crantock in September with another cheque for the same amount on it’s way to us.

Thank you Chrissie – keep up the amazing fundraising and keep us updated as to what you are doing.