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Welcome To The Sunrise Appeal

The Sunrise Appeal was set up in 2000 as a separate independent charity with the primary aim of raising £500,000 towards the cost of the new Clinical Oncology Department now known as the Sunrise Centre. This represented about 10% of the total cost, the remainder of the funds being provided by Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, New Opportunities Funding from the lottery, Duchy Health Charity Limited and Macmillan Cancer Relief. Due to the incredible response received from the public and the invaluable support of Radio Cornwall who chose this as their designated Charity the target was achieved in 2001. Because the nature of the appeal strikes a chord with so many people as well as the personal angle of family and friends who have had treatment for cancer this target has now been considerably exceeded and has to date raised a sum of over £3 Million.

We welcome donations to help the Sunrise Appeal contribute to the cost of new, up to date equipment for the Oncology Dept. known as the Sunrise Centre of the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.

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We are delighted to share that patients across Cornwall are now receiving Surface Guided Radiotherapy (SGRT) at the Sunrise Centre, an innovative new system funded by the Sunrise Appeal which helps deliver this cutting-edge cancer treatment.